• BTEC results and what happens with them...
    It's that time of year again when results for the different BTEC qualifications start rolling in. There can sometimes be confusion about who handles your results and what happens with them, so this should make things a bit clearer!Each week we receive a batch of results from the exam board EDEXCEL... Read More
  • UCAS Track – update
    As you’ll be aware, Track is unavailable again today. If you’ve seen the updates on our social media channels you’ll know that unfortunately the technical issues are going to take longer to overcome than we had first thought. Some of you have been particularly concerned about replying to your... Read More
  • UCAS Track - update
    You may be aware that Track has been unavailable since last night. Here’s an update on the situation from Philip Blaker, our Head of Admissions Services: “Engineers are currently working to fix the technical issue we’ve encountered, however we expect that Track will be unavailable for the rest... Read More
  • An Extra opportunity...
    Not holding any offers, either because you’ve been unsuccessful with all five choices or because you’ve declined all the offers you received, is likely to leave you feeling anxious about your application. Take heart, however, in the fact that each year there are many students in exactly the same... Read More
  • The deadline for university decisions
    Although it might sometimes feel like a never ending wait for decisions from your university choices, there are in fact fixed deadlines for them to respond. These are in place so you’re not waiting forever for offers to come through in Track, and so you can proceed with your application.So it’s... Read More
  • Student Finance: your questions answered
    Last week we asked you on Twitter and Facebook what questions you wanted us to put to Student Finance England. We've now picked a selection of your responses to try and represent as wide a range of your concerns and situations as possible and put them to Mark-Lee Kelly... Read More
  • Student finance: Essential advice on completing your application
    As UCAS applications are in that strange period of limbo where people are either patiently waiting for university offers or they've already replied to offers, thoughts are increasingly turning towards student finance and how and when to make the application.In the first of two student finance blogs... Read More
  • January A level and AS level results: your next steps
    Many of you will have recently received or will be receiving your A level/AS level results from the exams you sat in January. If you're not sure what to do with them and how to let your university choices know what you got, then this post should help you. But first this:If your January results won'... Read More
  • University open days: getting the most out of them!
    Beyond the prospectuses and pretty pictures lies the eye-opening experience of an open day. Sarah Gordon, Senior Events Manager at London South Bank University (LSBU) offers applicants her tips for test driving their university choices before making a final decision: It’s that time of year. Offers... Read More
  • Top tips for interview success on creative arts courses
    With letters for university interviews being delivered in the coming weeks, questions over how to prepare for them are at the forefront of the minds of many applicants. Is interview preparation a one-size-fits-all process? Should you approach an interview for a creative arts qualification as you... Read More