• 10 signs that your UCAS application may have taken over your life
    10 signs that your UCAS application may have taken over your life:1. The UCAS website now shows as one of your most visited sites2. You've memorised your personal ID number3. Having filled out details of your school attendance in your application, you now know ‘sandwich’ doesn't... Read More
  • GTTR Apply 2013 update
    Please read our latest update on the current situation with GTTR Apply 2013:Testing was completed successfully overnight and we have addressed what we believe were the underlying causes of the performance issues experienced on Tuesday. We will be reopening GTTR Apply 2013 this afternoon (Friday 19... Read More
  • GTTR Apply - an update 18.10.12
    We have a further update on GTTR Apply 2013, outlined below. We are very grateful for your patience over the last few days and hope that this update will be good news. We have identified and fixed what we believe were the underlying causes of the performance issues experienced on Tuesday with... Read More
  • Getting admissions test results to your universities
    At this time of year we get a lot of questions about university admissions tests and English language tests. There seems to be some confusion as to how the results of the tests get sent to your university choices. So we’ve picked out some of the main admissions and language tests which we're... Read More
  • GTTR Apply 2013 - an update
    Further to the issues we have experienced with GTTR Apply, here is an update on the current situation. We really appreciate your patience with this and are sorry for the inconvenience: Following technical issues experienced shortly after the original launch last Wednesday, GTTR Apply 2013 was... Read More
  • GTTR Apply 2013 Update
    Last night GTTR Apply 2013 was taken offline for essential maintenance.We apologise for the inconvenience these ongoing technical issues with GTTR Apply 2013 have caused and we're grateful for the patience you've shown while we've investigated them.We currently expect GTTR Apply 2013 to be... Read More
  • 15 October deadline: Last minutes issues and how to avoid them!
    The 15 Octoberdeadline for Oxbridge applications and applications for medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine/science is almost upon us! As I’m sure your tutors and advisers will have mentioned more than a couple of times, this is an important deadline and late applications are rarely... Read More
  • Payment issues for 2013 applicants
    **UPDATE - 11:00 (UK time) 28 September** All applications which were affected by the system problems detailed below have now been amended to show that they've been paid for. We will shortly be emailing all affected applicants with further instructions regarding submitting their... Read More
  • Personal statements: Universities tell you what they want
    The personal statement. Three words that get uttered, muttered and give one cause to shudder more than any other part of the UCAS application form. Admittedly, a blank screen and the job of selling yourself to your university and college choices in no more than 4,000 characters and 47 lines can... Read More
  • Are you still waiting for Track to update?
    While most of you will have heard from your university and college choices by now, there will be some who are still yet to have their place confirmed on Track. There's always a certain degree of confusion as to why this might be and when Track will change. I've put together a few points to help... Read More