• Replying to university offers: the big questions
    1. “I’m in Track but I don’t have an option to reply to university offers. Why?”If you’ve not had decisions from all your choices on Track then you won’t have the option to reply. However, if you’re ready to reply and don’t want to wait for the other choices to make a decision, you should click on... Read More
  • Better late than never? Making an application after the 15 January deadline
    With the release of figures for 2013 applications (as at the 15 January deadline) grabbing headlines over the next few days, it's easy to forget that late applications can still be made up until 30 June. Karen Pichlmann, Head of Admissions at Bournemouth University, explains why there are... Read More
  • 3 reasons why your application might miss the 15 January deadline... and how to avoid them!
    It’s never nice to see someone miss the 15 January deadline. We know how much work you've put into your application, how much frustration there can sometimes be with it and the hopes you have pinned on it.Missing the deadline means your university choices no longer have an obligation to... Read More
  • 5 Essential Things To Know About Your UCAS Application Over Christmas
    1. UCAS opening hours over Christmas Monday 24 December 10:00-16:00 (UK time) Tuesday 25 December Closed Wednesday 26 December Closed Thursday 27 December 10:00-16:00 Friday 28 December 10:00-16:00 Saturday 29 December Closed Sunday 30 December Closed Monday 31 December 10:... Read More
  • 15 January deadline: Last minute issues and how to avoid them!
    The 15 January deadline is fast approaching. The deadline has probably been seared into your memories by your schools, colleges and advisers so you probably don't need another reminder! Instead I've gathered together the sort of issues that've caused applications to be submitted late in... Read More
  • 8 tips for preparing for your university interview
    With interviews becoming an increasingly popular topic of conversation over the next few weeks, we thought it was high time to get a university's perspective on what they're looking for and how best to prepare for the big day. So up stepped the University of Bristol to offer eight valuable tips:It’... Read More
  • University offers: what are you waiting for?
    Getting your university application into UCAS can seem like a bit of a whirlwind. From pretty much the first moment you pass through the doors of your school/college in September, you get constant reminders to crack on with your application, research your choices, draft your personal... Read More
  • Why can't I see any change to Track?
    Have you had an email telling you Track has changed? Have you logged onto Track but can't see any changes? If so, it'd be best to check the choice again! A change to the status doesn't necessarily mean a decision has been made. There could have also been a change to the campus code,... Read More
  • Making changes to your application...
    You've spent what seems like a lifetime working on your UCAS application. You've checked it all over, your parents and friends have checked it over, your tutors have checked it over then you've checked it once more to be sure. Finally, your application gets sent and THEN you notice a mistake.... Read More
  • 10 signs that your UCAS application may have taken over your life
    10 signs that your UCAS application may have taken over your life:1. The UCAS website now shows as one of your most visited sites2. You've memorised your personal ID number3. Having filled out details of your school attendance in your application, you now know ‘sandwich’ doesn't... Read More