• Open days: how to plan valuable visits
    A survey published this weekend suggests that a quarter of students don’t attend open days before applying to university. We found this quite surprising, as open days are so helpful when it comes to painting a picture of university life and choosing courses. Yet our own research also suggests that... Read More
  • Accepting an unconditional offer
    You might have heard stories about unconditional offers, and how a friend-of-a-friend’s next-doorneighbour’s cousin received one before they got their exam results. In the past this would probably have been an urban myth or at most, not the whole story. However, a few universities are now making... Read More
  • Three things to do while you wait for uni decisions
    Katie Collins, Social Media Exec at UCASSo you’ve sent your application – great! Now it’s just a case of waiting for decisions, right? One after the other they’ll pop up on Track and you’ll get those notification emails. Right... BUT don’t expect it to happen straight away. You could find that it’s... Read More
  • Lunar New Year 2014: the year of the horse
    More than 60,000 students from outside the UK were accepted at UK universities and colleges in 2013 alone. With such a multicultural student population, you can expect not only be able to do things ‘the UK way’ but also see, taste and celebrate cultures and traditions from all over the world.Lunar... Read More
  • What you need to do before the deadline
    15 January is the deadline for most undergraduate courses. If we receive your application by 18:00 (UK time) on this date, its guaranteed consideration by your chosen universities and colleges. There are some exceptions where a different deadline might apply – use our search tool to check when you... Read More
  • Is The Duke of York right that universities are about education not training and don’t prepare people for work in the way technical colleges do?
    Mary Curnock Cook, UCAS Chief ExecutiveFor most of my career, I have worked in businesses and organisations where the most valuable skills for key workers and managers have been the ability to think clearly, solve problems, communicate ideas and arguments powerfully, and to strip down an issue to... Read More
  • Postgraduate teacher training applications: the three top questions
    Why can't I send my application?Your application is not complete until your referees have given their agreement and completed and submitted a reference for you. Once they've done this, you'll be able to access the Pay and Send option. So, first check that you have sent your reference request by... Read More
  • Let’s trust admissions officers on personal statements
    You may have seen that personal statements have been mentioned in the news lately. To address the concerns this might have raised, UCAS’ Chief Executive Mary Curnock Cook, has written about the value of this piece of writing and the important part it plays in the admissions process.Mary Curnock... Read More
  • Blog for UCAS
    Being a UCAS blogger is a great opportunity to showcase your writing skills, plus your posts will help others who are going through the same application process. As a thank you, you’ll have the chance to enter regular competitions and exclusive prize draws.Last year’s bloggers did a fantastic job,... Read More
  • 15 October deadline: applying on time
    To begin with, let’s just clarify exactly what this deadline is for. The 15 October deadline is only for applications to medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine/science courses, as well as all courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.So what counts as meeting the deadline? Well it’s... Read More