• Dispelling the myths about A level results day and Clearing
    Isn’t it funny how every year the same myths about A level results day and Clearing appear? We do our best to stamp them out but somehow they still do the rounds. I mean, who exactly is circulating them? And why?We’ll probably never know, but you can get the truth behind the rumours right here in... Read More
  • Universities and offer-making to ethnic minority applicants
    Today’s media coverage has highlighted differences in offers made to applicants across ethnic groups by some universities, as well as the difficult issues surrounding the use of individual-level data for research and other purposes.Dr Mark Corver, UCAS’ Head of Analysis and Research explains that... Read More
  • The Exam Results Helpline – helping you face the unexpected
    Need advice about your options? Call 0808 100 8000If your exam results aren’t what you were expecting, it might feel like your world’s been turned upside down. Whatever your situation, the Exam Results Helpline (ERH) can offer you free and independent, expert advice. Meet four students who are glad... Read More
  • Unexpected exam results – what next?
    Results day arrives and it’s the moment of truth: Have you achieved what you needed to get in to college or university?Regardless of your situation, don’t panic, there are always options. It’s a good idea to talk them over with someone who can help you make or adjust your plans, and that’s what the... Read More
  • 10 places to get personal statement pointers
    If a bit of personal statement inspiration is what you need, then look no further – here are the 10 best places to pick up more than a pointer or two!The UCAS websiteStart your planning at www.ucas.com/personalstatement. There are tips on how to get started and what to include. It also covers the... Read More
  • Replying to offers: give yourself enough time
    You’ve waited anxiously for your university choices to make their decisions. You’ve logged in to Track to check thousands of times and now you’ve finally received all your offers. You’re probably thinking “What a relief, the wait is over!” but don’t relax just yet, as once you get to this stage... Read More
  • Open days: how to plan valuable visits
    A survey published this weekend suggests that a quarter of students don’t attend open days before applying to university. We found this quite surprising, as open days are so helpful when it comes to painting a picture of university life and choosing courses. Yet our own research also suggests that... Read More
  • Accepting an unconditional offer
    You might have heard stories about unconditional offers, and how a friend-of-a-friend’s next-doorneighbour’s cousin received one before they got their exam results. In the past this would probably have been an urban myth or at most, not the whole story. However, a few universities are now making... Read More
  • Three things to do while you wait for uni decisions
    Katie Collins, Social Media Exec at UCASSo you’ve sent your application – great! Now it’s just a case of waiting for decisions, right? One after the other they’ll pop up on Track and you’ll get those notification emails. Right... BUT don’t expect it to happen straight away. You could find that it’s... Read More
  • Lunar New Year 2014: the year of the horse
    More than 60,000 students from outside the UK were accepted at UK universities and colleges in 2013 alone. With such a multicultural student population, you can expect not only be able to do things ‘the UK way’ but also see, taste and celebrate cultures and traditions from all over the world.Lunar... Read More