• Promotional Post!
    A marvellously articulated movie review -Review of the movie 'Masters of Sex'
  • All my bags are packed I'm ready to go...but what to pack??!!
    The road not taken...With the admission done, student visa in hand and all the other formalities over, an international student going abroad for studies is possibly the most confused, now!How cold will it be there? What utensils to take along? How much will I cook? How many notebooks? HOW MUCH... Read More
  • IELTS - The way to go
    IELTS - International English Language Testing System. This is one of the approved English Language tests by the UK Border Agency to show your English competency for a student visa. There are other tests that you can take instead, like the PTE (Pearson's Test of English). My daughter took the IELTS... Read More
  • Study in UK (a mom's research!): The DREAM offer!
    Study in UK (a mom's research!): The DREAM offer!: Close on the heels of the the second offer came the third and the fourth offer, both conditional and very achievable. And amongst all of ...
  • The DREAM offer!
    Close on the heels of the the second offer came the third and the fourth offer, both conditional and very achievable.And amongst all of them came the dream offer from The University of Leeds. The offer that my daughter had been waiting for. BA (Hons) Broadcast Journalism with a... Read More
  • Stay Motivated - A Poem
    This is my all time favourite poem learnt during my mid school years, which I pinned near my daughter's table to keep her morale high during the 12th Board Exam. Well, one amongst many beautiful poems and quotes.Written by Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan, I find it to be very simplistically... Read More
  • Finally, a conditional offer!
    The not so patient waiting finally bore fruit. Not a sweet one but a ripe fruit nevertheless.The second University to reply was Bournemouth. Though they made an offer, the conditional percentage seemed very high to achieve (at that point of time). Their website states a general entry... Read More
  • Best Female On Screen!
    My daughter has been nominated for 'Best Female On Screen' for NaSTA awards 2013!!Here's her short video compilation.Kudos to LSTV (Leeds Student TV) for their marvelous performance every week and for providing an extremely encouraging environment for each and everyone to learn and grow!... Read More
  • First offer...Rejection!
    The first Uni to reply was Sheffield. This was amongst my daughter's top 2 choices. Unfortunately I logged into track that morning to find some 'changes' made.It was a plain 'unsuccessful application'. And there it was, staring back at me, without any change, however long I looked at it. I even... Read More
  • Thou shalt wait...patiently
    Thou shalt wait patiently...for UCAS to show changes in your application.Oh the wait..the agonizing wait!After a whole year and more of researching, planning, choosing, writing, editing and finally hitting the 'send' button, you realize it's no more in your hands. It's been SENT!Now all you've got... Read More