• New year, new resolutions...maybe?
    Happy New Year, celebrations were absolutely crazy this year! It's the time of year for our resolutions made with determination, so thought I'd share some of my 2013 resolutions. Mind you, some of them are similar if not exactly the same as the ones last year!1) Eat healthier.2) Drink more water.3... Read More
  • Merry Christmas! We survived the Apocalypse ;)
    I'm rather confused as to why someone would bet money that the world was going to end. I'm not joking, apparently someone actually did that. Anyhow that's completely irrelevant, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday, YES IT'S THE HOLIDAYS! The phrase "see you next... Read More
  • My admissions test experience
    The hardest thing about doing an admissions test is probably having to juggle it with your A-Level studies. I started studying for the TSA around August, and honestly speaking it would have been much better to have started even earlier (same with revision, but we all find it difficult don't we).For... Read More
  • Holiday season and our last same number date
    I'm well and truly jealous of you guys out there who've had their last day of school today, or are about to finish this term by the end of this week! It feels like ages ago since it was September...The snow this morning was absolutely gorgeous, and I can't believe I'm saying this but even the... Read More
  • 1,2,3 and we're live
    Nothing much has happened since my last post, but thought I'd do another post to mark the UCAS Connect blog going live! HOW ARE YOU ALL?! :)After logging in to Blogger today, I've seen that there's been over 100 more views since I last had a look at my blog...thanks for reading guys! Hope I don't... Read More
  • Invitation for an Applicant Open Day!
    So I've just booked onto one of the open days at a university who's given me an offer, which I'll be going to in the February half term. Not quite sure what to expect as I've never been to one of these before, and will definitely be updating you guys on how it went and whether it was useful at all... Read More
  • The wait continues...
    The anticipation for offers from my remaining two universities is heightening so much, I really want to hear back from them soon! (fingers crossed for good news)Recently I've only been getting emails letting me know that my application's being carefully considered and I may not hear back until... Read More
  • Rejection email :(
    Though rejection isn't something anyone really ever wants to go through, sadly it does happen from time to time...unfortunately it's happened to me, but it's not going to bring me down! :) I shall move on and stay positive.To sum it up, I received the email from Oxford today telling me my... Read More
  • First offers
    Yes I've received two of my offers! Words can't describe how happy I was when I saw the word "conditional" on my decisions page. Though before that epic moment, I was this close to having a mini heart attack having read this in the UCAS email:"Something has changed on your UCAS application; please... Read More
  • Not music tracks, nor train tracks but TRACK.
    Having clicked pay/send on UCAS, I began to freak out about the fact that I could no longer change anything on my application. Then I remembered that my school needed to approve it first, before the universities could receive it (standard airhead moment right here).A couple of days later I checked... Read More